Spare batteries are available for all the Batribike range of electric bicycles.

We recommend that customers who are considering purchasing a second battery with their new electric bike try using one battery initially. Only purchase a second battery if it is needed. The reason behind this is that batteries like to be used. If you purchase a second battery and then find you don’t need it and leave it stored the battery will deteriorate.

  • Top Tip – Customers with two batteries should use both batteries, alternating between them to get the best performance.

When ordering a new battery please ensure that your existing charger is compatible with the new battery.

Make sure you only use genuine replacement batteries available from Batribike through your local dealer.

  • Important Note: Care should be taken when disposing of old batteries particularly if the Battery Pack contains Lithium. Special Consideration should be given to its safe disposal. Your Local Authority should have the necessary facilities in place.

Alternatively, if you prefer you may take your original battery directly to Batribike for safe disposal.