RRP £60

Our electric bike storage bags are specially designed to fit the Batribike folding electric bikes. It will fit the DART and TRIP models as well as older generation SIGMA, DASH, BREEZE and QUARTZ bikes.

SIGMA Folding Electric Bike

The bags are manufactured for Batribike in the UK. “We are delighted to be able to use a bag manufacturer based in the West Country to make our bags for us.”

Batribike Quartz in Storage Bag



The bike bags are made from hardwearing fabric that has been PU coated on the inside. The PU coating allows customers to keep their storage space clean when transporting their bikes in more inclement conditions. This is particularly important for our customers with motorhomes or caravans where the bikes may be transported in the living area.

  • Top Tip – If your Batribike electric bike is wet when you put it in the storage bag, make sure that the bike is removed from the bag and dried off at the earliest opportunity. “Look after your electric bike and it will give you good service”

A heavy duty double ended zip runs round three sides of the bag making it very easy to put the folded bike into the bag. Our customers tell us there are two ways of putting the bike in the bag.

Lay the bag down, fold the flap to the side, lay the bike on the bag, fold back the flap and zip round.

Fold both sides down, stand the bike in the centre of the bag, fold both sides up and zip round.

Purchase your Batribike folding electric bike storage bag from your local Batribike dealer.