Batribike and Caravan Guard - Batribike Omega Competition Winner
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June 29, 2022
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Batribike and Caravan Guard

Batribike Competition Winner

Batribike and Caravan Guard teamed up in May to promote electric bikes to the leisure market. Electric bikes are a great way to get about when you are away on holiday. We are also finding that owners enjoy them so much, that rather than keeping them just for leisure they are becoming part of their daily lives too!

Another part of the promotion was a competition to win a Batribike Omega. As you would expect the competition had a massive response.

Batribike and Caravan Guard

Andrew Morris is a keen cyclist and entered the Caravan Guard competition in the hope of winning a bike for his wife Tracy.

Kev Duffell from Batribike went along to their home in Worcestershire this week to meet Tracy and to present the Batribike Omega.

Tracy told Kev “We never win anything! When you enter a competition, you always hope you can win but you don’t really expect it. I can’t believe we have won a Batribike, it is such a lovely prize.

We have just been away to Italy in our motorhome. While we were there we hired an electric bike to cycle along Lake Garda. It really opened my eyes to the help I can get from an ebike. I have a hip problem that means I haven’t gone cycling with Andrew in the past.

Winning the Omega means I can now go out cycling with him. It is perfect for our motorhome holidays.”

Batribike and Caravan Guard


Congratulations to Tracy and Andrew we hope you have many happy miles of cycling.