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March 24, 2022
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June 13, 2022

E-bike Try Before You Buy Scheme

E-bike try before you buy scheme

The Department for Transport has announced today its new £8m e-bike try before you buy scheme. This is a pilot scheme running in just five selected locations Greater Manchester, Leicester, Luton & Dunstable, Hull and Sheffield. The scheme is currently limited to a few retail outlets and bike styles where available. There are plans to extend the scheme after reviewing the pilot.

We welcome the positive Government initiative to support e-bikes. The view that they are efficient, zero emission vehicles that play a part in the Active Travel mix for everyday travel is really encouraging.

E-bike try before you buy

e-bike try before you buy | Batribike GammaBatribike offers an easy-to-use test ride booking system linked to all our dealers throughout the UK. Customers can select a specific bike and find out which of our stockists have that model available to test ride. Alternatively, you can choose a location and see which bikes are available to demo. Our scheme covers the whole country rather than just a few locations.

The Batribike test ride scheme is free of charge and can be booked in 30 minute slots. All our dealers will be happy to discuss which is the best bike and battery size for your riding style and journey requirements. All of our stockists are experts within the cycle industry and will be able to give you the best advice.

Bicycle Association

Steve Garidis, Executive Director of the Bicycle Association, has welcomed the Government initiative to promote everyday travel by e-bike. He said, “Trying out an e-bike is a great way to discover its advantages”.

Batribike supplying e-bikes since 2007

Batribike has been supplying electric bikes in the UK since 2007. We have seen many changes in style and technology, but we have always maintained that a test ride is the ideal way to select your e-bike. If you choose the bike that feels right to you when you ride it, you will want to get out there and do more riding! Many of our customers come back and tell us that they ride more than they thought they would.

Check out our e-bike try before you buy scheme on the book-a-test-ride page. You will be booking with your local Batribike stockist.