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Batribike Electric Bike Insurance
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March 15, 2016
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Batribike Electric Bike Insurance

Electric Bike Insurance

Electric bike insurance is something that many new owners are interested in. In the past this has meant a time consuming search to find out which companies will insure an electric bike or whether it would be covered under personal household insurance.

Electric bike insurance is not required by law, but it could give you peace of mind.

At Batribike we wanted to offer our customers the convenience of getting cover easily at the start of their ownership.

Batribike one month FREE insurance

Batribike has teamed up with Lexham Insurance, one of the country’s leading two wheel brokers, to offer a one months free insurance* with every new Batribike, Francis-Barnett and V’Lec electric bike.

To activate the insurance all you need to do is either, fill in and return the card supplied with your new bike, or follow the link here and fill in your details online. You are not required to supply any financial details to activate the one month free insurance.

Special offer for Batribike owners

If, after the one month free insurance, you decided to take advantage of a one year policy, Lexham Insurance will give you one year FREE breakdown cover. In addition, all electric bikes fitted with the Datatag UV “Stealth” PRO Cycle System will benefit from a 10% discount from the standard insurance price. Batribike and Francis-Barnett models come with this system as standard.

The insurance is also suitable for those who already have an electric bike. Remember that you can still benefit from the 10% discount if you have a Datatag already fitted to your bicycle.

Follow this link to get an instant quote


The Lexham electric bike insurance comes with great benefits including theft and accidental damage, new for old replacement up to 3 years old and £1M public liability, optional extras are available too.

Safe and secure

As with all insurance policies it is important to lock your bike securely when unattended. Lexham Insurance requires a Sold Secure Silver lock for bikes up to a value of £1500 and a Sold Secure Gold lock for those over £1500.

 *terms and conditions apply, cover is not in force until you receive your policy.

lexham_logoLexham Insurance Consultants Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


(Electric bike insurance is also available from other insurance companies.)