Fantastic New Prices - BATRIBIKE Electric Bicycles
Fantastic New Prices
Celebrating TEN Years of Batribike
October 5, 2017
New Batribike Stockist in Skegness
November 20, 2017

Fantastic New Prices

High quality and value

Batribike TEN-XBatribike prides itself on producing high quality electric bikes at the best possible prices. We want to give our customers the best deal we can. We have been negotiating hard with our suppliers. Because we have placed even bigger orders for the coming year we have been able to secure a fantastic deal, which means we can lower, yes, lower, our prices.

Excellent deal

Our European partners have been able to give us an excellent deal because of our forward orders. Even though the exchange rate is not brilliant at the moment we have been able to push forward, and consequently, we are delighted to announce these new prices.

New prices

Between £100 and £250 has been slashed from the previous Recommend Retail Prices of the bikes.

The new prices are :-


Industry leading

Batribike TENDatatag and free Lexham electric bike insurance are still part of the package along with industry leading warranties. Batribikes have a three-year warranty on the motor, which we believe is the best in the industry. The two-year battery warranty is optionally upgradeable to five years, and furthermore, all the warranties are transferable.

We believe that the outstanding new prices make the Batribike electric bikes the best quality and value brand available in the UK.