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June 13, 2022
Batribike and Caravan Guard
Batribike and Caravan Guard
July 13, 2022

Batribike Attends Parliamentary Bike Ride

Batribike Attended the Parliamentary Bike Ride 2022

Batribike is an associate member of the APPCGW – the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling and Walking. We get invited to take part and attend various meetings and briefings throughout the year and to take part in the Parliamentary Bike Ride.

It was three years since the last MP’s Bike Ride and it felt special to be part of this event again. Lots has happened in the world since the last one which has shown that cycling is a huge part of the future. The health benefits, not just physical but mental health benefits too, have been positively reinforced. The important part that cycling can play in reducing emissions in our cities and towns has been surveyed, monitored and reported. Active Travel England has been set up with a £2bn budget to get things moving. All this and the fact that phrases such as micro mobility and active travel are no longer buzz words but positively reinforced messages. It really is exciting times ahead for the future of everyday cycling.

The day started at the Dutch Centre in London hosted by the Embassy of the Netherlands. The meeting was introduced by Ned Boulting before he jetted off to cover the Tour de France for ITV. After a few short thanks and some instructions on how to ride safely in a group from the MET Police cycling team. We gathered up outside ready to ride.

Parliamentary Bike Ride 2022 | BatribikeMP’s Parliamentary Bike Ride

The ride is made up from MP’s and peers who have a love and interest in cycling and organisations who’ve cycling at their heart. These included the London Cycling Campaign, Cycling UK, Wheels for Wellbeing and the Green Commute Initiative among many others.

The ride itself took us to the Cycling Super Highway, along the embankment and up to Trafalgar Square before heading to our finishing point at Prince Philip House, Carlton House Terrace (just behind The Mall). As ever it was lovely to be riding around the iconic sights of London.


The Meeting at Prince Philip House was chaired by Ruth Cadbury MP and had lots of positive messages. Chris Boardman spoke about Active Travel England which is just getting up and running. We look forward to hearing about the positive impact of this new organisation very soon.

The Ride Back

After the meeting it was great to enjoy another ride along the great cycling infrastructure now in place in London and hope that what has started here can be replicated throughout the UK.

We needed to pass through the financial district on the way back so took the opportunity to get some pictures of the Vista-S and Nebula amongst the buildings. The bikes had performed well and looked quite at home in this urban setting.