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Batribike Customer Review

Batribike Customer Review via Customer email

Peter got in touch with us today via email. He is pleased with our service and wanted to share. The Anniversary model TEN is very similar to the current Batribike PENTA.

Batribike Customer Review

Batribike Customer Review“My wife bought me a Batribike Anniversary Ten for my 60th Birthday. Steve from Batribike turned up with the bike on the day – May 30th 2020, what a great service!

I cycle a lot and have road bike, cross bikes, and mountain bike you can’t have too many! The electric bike was bought to take and use in our holiday home in the Aosta Valley where the mountains rise to 4,000 metres. It performed fantastically, and we discovered new parts of the valley much to our delight.

I use the bike for touring, fill up my panniers and set off, one day last year I went from Lancaster to Bridlington then bike home to Glentham 270 miles. Equally, I’m happy touring around the Lincolnshire Wolds

Occasionally when I didn’t manage the battery I’ve had to pedal without assist, in its own right, the bike moves on smoothly and easily on the flat without assisted power.

Batribike Customer ReviewPeople are often quick to criticise and moan when they have an issue but rarely think to say thank you when satisfied.

The Batribike Team have always responded to any issues that I have had over the 2 years with either just advice or fixes.

I wish the team all the success in the future as they grow in the UK

It’s a great bike with 5 Star back up”

Peter Dixon.  24.03.22



A big thank you to Peter for getting in touch.

We love to hear your news of great rides or fun you’ve had so please do contact us. Please let us know about your favourite stockists too.

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Batribike Customer Review