DELTA review from Cornwall - BATRIBIKE Electric Bicycles
DELTA review from Cornwall
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Batribike now in Fakenham Norfolk
October 12, 2018
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November 6, 2018

DELTA review from Cornwall

Review of Batribike DELTA originally posted on Bude Bikes website

“I recently purchased an ebike from Bude bikes, the process was extremely smooth and the outcome has been life changing. James at Bude Bikes helped me to decide which ebike would suit me best, showing me all the options and also inviting me to an open day where I could see all the ebikes for myself, try them out and also talk to the manufacturers themselves. I settled on a Batribike Delta. Living on a hill in a fairly remote part of North Cornwall has taken the pleasure out of cycling for me over the last few years, and my motivation for exercising had plummeted.

The first time I rode the ebike was a thrill as I could get to the top of the hill out of our hamlet without breaking sweat and feeling like I’d already pulled several muscles. Once onto the main road the ebike really comes into its own; it is fast, solid and cruises along. There is no need to constantly change gear as the motor takes the strain just when you need it. Far from being a soft option the power enables you to cycle further and be out on the bike for much longer, so rather than turning for home knowing you have a long hill to climb on the way back or not going down a long hill knowing you’ve got to come back up it you can just carry on and on. What used to be a strenuous 5 mile unpleasurable experience is now a 10 or 15 mile stress free adventure.

So from not knowing how I was going to keep myself in shape as I get into my fifties I’m now planning trips to places I would only ever have driven to. It has been a great investment and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Dave W. 05.07.18