Diamond Web Review Form - BATRIBIKE Electric Bicycles
Diamond Web Review Form
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December 15, 2015
Happy Highlander
March 15, 2016

Diamond Web Review Form

Reviewer Name: Old Man very happy!

BATRIBIKE Model: Diamond Pro


Never been a great cyclist but always enjoyed the freedom that a bike ride gives you. At 69 I thought my cycling days were over as soon become short of breath however I tried my step-daughters Diamond and was immediately smitten.

Purchased my own bike a couple of weeks ago and it is fantastic. Gets me out into the fresh air and gives me the amount of excercise that I can cope with and a great feeling of satisfaction. My wife says that I return with a great grin after every ride.
It copes well with the steepest and longest hills out of our town. With pedal assist managed 12mph up a 1/2 mile hill.

The information on the LCD is impressive. The most disappointing feature is the lighting as I am not satisfied that they are bright enough to be seen. I have added my own lights although found it difficult to fix the rear ligh as the carrier frame is quite thin and the lights would not tighten. ( I note that my step daughter has also added an additional rear light ).

Great buy.