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I Love My Bike
Diamond Pro – Blue/White
May 9, 2016
Storm Holiday Ride
August 31, 2016

I Love My Bike

Reviewer Name: FV – Devon

BATRIBIKE Model: Diamond 24


Having had mobility problems since my late teens and suffering from extreme pain now I’m in my 50s, I thought I would do my best to get a bit more mobile. As a child I loved cycling and so I looked into getting a traditional bike, due to my problems I could not cope with it so I went and tried a Batribike and I was hooked.

My first “test drive” was amazing, cycling with just a little assistance … or a bit more if necessary. I bought the bike, he’s called Bertie, and took it home. Living in Devon we have hills, everywhere I go I come across a hill but it does not deter me. A hill is a challenge, can I get up it using less power?

Since I bought my Batribike I have reduced my car use, instead of driving to visit friends I now cycle. I can’t walk very far at all but I can cycle a reasonable distance. It has opened up my world and I absolutely love it. Memories of picnics on bikes as a child have been relived and my next venture will be to take Bertie (and my husband) to Normandy and cycle a bit in France, something I would never have considered before he came into my life!

I have become a bit of an ambassador for electric bikes and keep singing their praises, Liz Hodges at Route 2 Bikes in Topsham has been very supportive and helpful and I always recommend her to people who ask me about my bike! Hopefully with obesity becoming an epidemic in the UK and the introduction of more e bikes people will change their “car” mentality and think about using a bike for those short trips.

Keep up the good work making excellent quality, comfortable bikes. Thank you!