How to Buy via Green Commute Initiative

You can purchase your Batribike on the Cycle to Work scheme via the Green Commute Initiative.

  1. Choose your Batribike, and select your battery and display options
  2. Add to Basket.
  3. Proceed to Checkout.
  4. Fill in your details and select pick up location.
  5. Select Cycle to Work scheme payment option.
  6. Place order.
  7. Receive an email from Batribike with your quote and order number.
  8. Go to the Green Commute Initiative website submit a quote page.
  9. Either enter your employer code or follow the link to ‘I don’t have a code’
  10. Submit your details and enter your Batribike order number.
  11. We will contact you when your voucher has been processed to arrange for you to collect your Batribike.

For more information on Cycle to work schemes, see our page on the News and Info menu.

Buy a Batribike using Green Commute Initiative