Leisure rides or commuting by battery bike

There are many different reasons for choosing a battery bike.

  • To cut down on car use, to save money or reduce CO2 emissions.
  • You may be cycling to work, but would like to arrive fresher and less tired.
  • Ride further – You may already be cycling some distance but would like to extend your range or perhaps you find conventional cycling difficult through age or infirmity, but still like the fresh air and exercise that it brings.

There are lots of reasons to choose an electric bicycle. Electric motor assistance can make cycling easier and extend the useable distance over a normal pedal cycle. Battery technology has improved in the last few years so that bikes can be lighter and go further.

Batribike has a range of electric bicycles suitable for the commuter and leisure cyclist.

Conform to regulations

Alpha electric bikeAll our bikes are limited to 15.5 mph under power to conform to UK/EU laws and EN15194 regulations.

Battery bikes work in several different ways and it is important to choose the correct power delivery system to suit your needs.

Batribike uses the rotation sensor system, which senses that the pedals are turning and switches the power on to help. This system is not dependent on pressure on the pedals so that riders who are less able can still access full assistance, just by selecting full power on the handlebar controls. Some of the systems we use also sense cadence, the speed that the pedals are turning.

Let the bike take the strain

QuintessentialRiding a BATRIBIKE Electric Bike is like riding a normal cycle but with the strain taken away.

  • The LCD system gives a clear indication of the amount of power left in the battery, the level of assistance selected and also a Cycle Computer function giving speed and distance travelled. These bikes have several levels of pedal assist.
  • The LED display system is simpler and allows the rider to choose from levels of pedal assist. A clear LED gauge shows the power remaining in the battery.

Walk assist

Mini LCD

Mini LCD

Walk assist powers the bike at walking speed to allow the user either to push the bike if required or to help to set off. EN 15194 legislation does not allow an EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) to go at more than 4mph without the rider turning the pedals.

Some Batribike electric bikes have a walk assist button while others have a twist grip half throttle. Both of these options can be used as a ‘launch assist’. This enables the rider to get ‘extra’ assistance when setting off which is often the hardest part of cycling.

For bikes with a throttle this can also be used to override the set assistance level and enable riders to get and extra boost. However this can only be used whilst the rider is pedalling. When the pedals stop rotating the motor will stop assisting over 4 mph. These bikes can also be ridden as a normal cycle when the power is switched off.

A battery powered bicycle provides you with the opportunity to decrease your carbon footprint and save you money on petrol whilst supplying you with heaps of fun along the way.