What is a Cycle to Work Scheme?

A cycle to work scheme is run under the rules of a government initiative to encourage more people to start cycling and to use bikes rather than cars for shorter journeys.

By buying a brand-new bike using one of the cycle to work schemes you can save between 32% and 47% depending on your rate of tax.

How do I make a saving?

The saving is made because you pay for your bike monthly via salary sacrifice. This is where your employer takes the money from your wages before your income tax is taken. This means that you don’t pay income tax on the cost of the bike.

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Which Cycle to Work Scheme does Batribike use?

Batribike is happy to be working with the Green Commute Initiative, one of the UK’s industry leading cycle to work schemes. If your employer is not signed up to this provider, you can still fill in a form for a single quote and get your employer on board.

See how easy it is to order on our handy How to Buy a Batribike via the Green Commute Initiative page

See the GCI savings calculator to see the savings you can make.

Why would my Employer Agree to this?

Employers save money too! The business will save money from reduced National Insurance payments. In addition to the monetary saving the employer gets happier employees with

  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Improved mental wellbeing
  • A ready-to-work attitudes
  • Punctual attendance

Benefits for All

The Government is keen for the scheme to be successful. The Government’s 2017 Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy says there is a need to increase levels of active travel, such as cycling because the benefits are substantial. It states that for individuals, it means cheaper travel and better health. For businesses, it means increased productivity and increased footfall in shops. And for society as a whole it means lower congestion, better air quality, and vibrant, attractive places and communities.

Why Cycle to Work?

There are many reasons why people want to use a bike for their commute some of them are about finances, but there are also many health benefits … and just the joy of cycling!

  • A healthier you – both in mind and body
  • Reaching your fitness goals more quickly
  • A happier you as you become healthier and fitter
  • Enjoying your commute to work so you arrive on time and feeling energised
  • Becoming more effective in your work
  • Saving money on fuel and car parking costs