At Batribike we are often asked if we do electric bike kits to retro fit electrics to a customers existing bicycle. This is not something we offer for a variety of good reasons.

Purpose built

Hidden battery

Hidden chain case battery on the Batribike Perdu

Batribike electric bicycles are purpose designed and built to suit the motor, battery and controller. Our range of European built bikes includes hidden batteries which is not possible without a specialist designed frame. In addition we design the bike with everything in mind. This means that the wiring for the controller is neatly tucked away giving a tidy appearance. Furthermore the design means that the bikes look more like a conventional bicycle.

Basic electric bike kits

Some basic electric bike kits are just actuated by a throttle and only carry a small capacity battery. Finding the best place to mount a battery to an existing bicycle can be a problem. In addition most electric bike kits fit a bottle type battery to the frame or use a seat post mounted battery pack, this can interfere with luggage carrying.

Many kits use a front hub motor as this is easier to retro fit rather than a rear wheel. Batribike can offer rear or front motor options within their range to suit all riding styles and requirements.

Unless you have a really specialist bike we believe it is better to buy purpose built. This is the same as many types of equipment, it is often cheaper and more efficient. Also a purpose built bike is likely to have many more features built in as standard. This will provide you with the flexibility to tailor the power assistance to your riding style.

Hidden battery

DeltaIn conclusion we believe that you will get a better all round product when you choose a purpose built ebike.


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