The health benefits of cycling are well known yet lots of us find it difficult to keep up with a cycling plan. Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and many people suffer from not exercising enough. Either you are so busy that it is difficult to fit in a sensible fitness regime. Alternatively you may have health problems that restrict the sort of exercise that you can undertake.

Quintessential ride

Electric bikes are an ideal solution to both of these problems. They are designed to be ridden in the pedal assist mode. The rider pedals and the motor assists. You can also select the amount of assistance given by the bike. This means that if you are feeling fresh or on the flat you can choose less assistance. When there is a hill or head wind you can increase the help.



Consequently once it is understood that an electric bike rider still has input. The health benefits become much clearer.

Riders with a busy lifestyle can use an electric bike as both transport and exercise. Using maximum assistance when riding to work means that you do not arrive hot and sweaty. The latest buzz word is “Destination Clothing” and this is an ideal description. For the homeward journey you may choose to use less assistance and increase the amount of exercise.

Riders who are less able can build their fitness by using higher levels of assistance at the start of their health plan. Then gradually reduce the level of assistance as their fitness levels increase. Riding an electric bike means that you tend to go further than on a conventional bike.

Health research shows that riding an electric bike is not ‘cheating’ or ‘lazy’ and is in fact classed as moderate exercise. Adults are recommended to achieve 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity on five or more days per week. Riding a power assisted electric bicycle i.e. pedalling with assistance comes within this classification.



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