Batribike is proud to be working closely with Promovec. The Danish company has nearly 20 years of experience in the development, design and service of e-bike components and complete systems.

ProMovec was first involved in electric bikes in 2003. Initially working with the technology that was already available. Soon the company became aware that they could develop something better for the Danish and European market.


In 2007 Promovec developed their first electric bike from scratch. Then in 2008 Promovec launched an entirely new generation of e-bikes. These newly designed bikes were no longer heavy and clumsy. The new modern designs challenged the idea that electric bikes were meant for older people, the styling was suitable for all generations.

Promovec CEO Jesper Lundquist says “Promovec means ”to move”, which we mean literally as we wish to transport people from A to Z using our up-to-date components.”

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Promovec; e-bikes; e-bike systems


To maintain the high standards Promovec only uses the best material and the most advanced production technology. To ensure that they always meet with the requirements of high quality and operational reliability, they perform quality tests of single components regularly. Promovec is EN15194 and ISO4210-2 approved.


At Batribike we are using the latest ebike systems from Promovec to power our bikes. The whole electric system is matched together from the motor and controller to the battery and display. The improvement in efficiency and reliability is especially relevant to customers, it results in better warranties and an easier to use system.


Backed by Promovec’s quality components we are delighted to offer what is probably the best electric bike warranty available in the UK today.

Industry leading warranty; 3 year warranty

Promovec; e-bikes; e-bike systems


Batribike is using the latest Danish designed electric system on its electric bikes. The system is designed as a whole with the battery, controller, motor and display all matched together for better efficiency.

Promovec is confident in the quality and life of the batteries used on the Batribike European built bikes. The standard 2 year warranty is upgradeable to 5 years.